How To Achieve Success In Everything

Achieve Success In Everything You Want

What if I tell you that you can achieve success in everything you want? Do you think that it is possible? There is a very powerful strategy that anyone can use and apply it into his/her life to see fantastic results in their life and i am going to share it with you.
It is a 4 steps procedure and it is called the Ultimate Success Formula.

Step 1: Have a Goal

The first step to getting what you want is to know what is it that you want. This is a simple theory but there are still people who did not set goals to get what they want.
Most people do not know what they want specifically and they have nothing tangible that they can direct their energy into and this result in failure to achieve their goals. In order for us to achieve, we must set goals that are specific and we can visualize it with clarity. Once we have this clarity, we can then create the strategies that we need to get what we want.

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Step 2: Have A Strategy

Once we have a specific goal in mind, we will need to brain storm for strategies to make our goals happen. For example, there was a time when I felt that I was gaining some pounds and I wanted to lose some weight. In order to make it happen, I created a 16 weeks exercise challenge which I must exercise for 6 days a week and also a 30 days challenge for myself which consist of me removing process starch from my diet and morning juice feasting.
As a result, I lost 13.2 lbs and gained a healthier body. This is only possible due to my goal setting and finding the right strategy to achieve it.

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Step3: Action

Once you completed your brain storming for strategies, you must be able to take action. Only by taking action then you can move closer to your goal, but there are lots of people who are stuck at this stage. They can’t take action!
We can always brain storm and have the greatest ideas in the world but without taking action, nothing will happen. There may be procrastination, fear,need of perfection or analysis paralysis that stop us from taking action, but always remember that for one to be successful, you need to take the action to see results.
Forgo the need of perfection and accept the fact that we will be fearful of anything that is new for us or out of our comfort zone. Once you accept fear and imperfection, you will more likely to take action.

Step 4: Feedback

There are 2 possible scenarios that can happen after you took action. Either it will be success or failure. If success happen to you, give yourself a pat on the back and you had did a great job. If you had met failure instead, fret not and always remember that all of us had our fair share of failure and the important thing is how we deal with it.
There are 3 ways which people normally respond to failure. The first way is they give up immediately when they had failed. These are the people who will believe that they had tried and it does not work. The 2nd way is even though they had failed, they kept trying the same thing over and over again. Always remember that by repeating what had not work again will only give you the same result – failure.
The 3rd way is they gather feedback, change their strategy and take action again. This is the ideal way that we should follow whenever we had our share of failure. By changing our strategy and implementing it, we can always be assure of a different result. If the result is not what you desire, just keep tweaking your strategy and try again until you achieve your desired result. Always remember to take the failure as a feedback and do not let it discourage you from taking any more action.