How to deal with motivation ?

Motivation is 50% of our training. When we have no motivation, our practice becomes worthless. Here are top 5 tips that can help you deal with motivation.

Tip #1 – Music

Do you love listening to music? Of course you do! Play your favorite song and start training. Music helps a lot, even during our workout. There are some rap songs that make our motivation bigger and bigger.

Tip #2 – Think about the future

Think what might happen if you train 2 months without pause and how will you look. Think about what other people will say and do not forget that training always gives results!

Tip #3 – The opposite gender will like you

Male or female, the opposite gender always likes good and shaped bodies with muscles without any fat on it. Think about this and start training! This helps a lot especially you like somebody.

Tip #4 – Being healthy or smoking and doing drugs?

What do you think is better? Having a health life or smoking cigarettes, weed or doing drugs ? Fitness changes your life for better and makes you a better person at all.

Tip #5 – Smack them or they will smack you!

Show people who you really are. Show them that you are more than what they think.
Now after you read this article start training! Some push ups are not redundant 🙂